through information

utiliti delivers a cost-effective
nfc field service management platform

What is Utiliti?

utiliti enables people to interact with objects around them, delivering and receiving information that is crucial in managing their everyday environments in many different ways.

utiliti applications have been developed for manufacturing, commercial, medical, mining, retail and service industries that offer management, compliance and event tracking, enabling data driven controls and visibility.

utiliti can be used to identify events that need to happen, have happened in the past or are happening now. It can show who, when, where and even capture the duration of specific tasks. It can plan, record and help schedule tasks, map inventory management, billing and costs, surrounding specific events, and generate efficiency metrics and historical records.

utiliti can provide the information that will help in the event, as well as providing the opportunity for constant improvement with clear analysis of the data being generated through current performance.

utiliti can do all of this, and much more, and it does it through any Bluetooth or NFC enabled mobile phone.

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Advantages of the utiliti system

  • Very low entry costs
  • User familiarity with the equipment – everyone knows their phone and its functions.
  • You use existing mobile handsets and numbers
  • Utilises the latest NFC, Bluetooth and QR code technologies
  • Simple to use
  • Date, time and location fields automatically applied with drop down menus for other series
  • Fully expandable system to interface with existing software and by adding additional reporting modules
  • Highly secure through encryption
  • Instant updates of information without docking
  • Every phone with Bluetooth has utiliti capability using the ‘ute’ wand
  • Large number of industry specific applications which can be further customised